La Diferencia Cubana Churchill

Wrapper: Nicaraguan sun grown
Filler: Cuban-seed
Size: Churchill
Length: 7
Ring Gauge: 50
Price: $1.00 Retail price: $2.00
Beverage: Diet Pepsi
Smoking time: 60 Min.
Humidor time: 17 days
Purchased: Po’ Boy II sampler

Construction: Looking at this stick as I took it from the humidor, it has a nice light wrapper that has a few small-medium veins and a couple folds where the wrapper wasn’t rolled on perfectly but over all it’s not to bad for a $1.00 Churchill. 

La Diferencia Cubana ChurchillPre-light: The cold aroma and taste were both slight and mild, a mix of tobacco and toast, the aroma from the foot contained about the same flavor notes only a bit more pronounced. Once the end was clipped the draw was just about right and the cigar tasted of toast, oak and splash of pepper.

First third: Once this stick was lit it produced a fair amount of white some and had the same toast and tobacco flavor that I found prevalent in the cold testing.

Middle: At the mid point the flavor profile hadn’t changed at all and the burn was dead on. I knocked the light gray ash at about two and half inches but it was still holding on just fine.

End: At the beginning of the final third a very nice sweet cream flavor entered the mix giving this cigar a super flavor profile, however that was short lived. With about two inches remaining the cigar soured and then a large amount of tongue burning pepper appeared. After a few more puffs I decided to save my tongue and ditched the nub early.

Overall: For an inexpensive cigar this one really wasn’t to bad except for the final couple inches. For a buck I think they would be a fine kicking around smoke and again this one was better than any machine made I have tried.

Appearance and construction: 17
Flavor: 15
Smoking characteristics: 17
Overall experience: 15
Purchased Price: 20
Total: 84

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